qChange enhances the Leader Experience by creating a real-time end-to-end solution that prompts, measures, grows and predicts leader-team success in Microsoft Teams.

Optimize Coaching

Create more accountability and impact in between coaching conversations. 

with qChange



How are leaders and managers progressing outside of the coaching session? qChange goes beyond intention, making it easy to show continuous improvement.

Real time feedback​

Understanding situational context is a critical component to coaching conversations. qChange's continuous and immediate feedback loops provide a real-time view on the impact of coaching suggestions

Measure Impact

The qChange Leader Score provides a great baseline and automatically updates as more ratings are completed. It anonymously compares scores to other leaders and shows individual progress over time. It can help you maximize your coaching and development dollars.

Make Optimizing Happen.

Nudge theory connects desired behavior to actionable behavior with small prompts. Impacting leader behavior​


In Microsoft Teams