qChange enhances the Leader Experience by creating a real-time end-to-end solution that prompts, measures, grows and predicts leader-team success in Microsoft Teams.

Employee Experience

Put the 'action' back in action planning by 

 targeting EX drivers

in meetings.

with qChange


Engagement Matters

Engagement matters. Every 5-point gain in employee engagement is a 3% increase in revenue. ​​

Drive Awareness

qChange’s Perception Gap analysis provides a quick way of understanding, from the eyes and ears of meeting attendees, how you are showing up in a meeting.​

Bring Action Plans to life

Leaders drive 70% of the variance in employee experience (EX). qChange is a high impact, low friction solution for leaders and managers. Invest just a few minutes each week to see the real time benefits to EX.​

Make Experience Happen.

The power of feedback. It’s real, and better when it’s real-time. Continuous improvement requires listening systems that operate beyond a quarterly or annual snapshot.​


In Microsoft Teams