qChange enhances the Leader Experience by creating a real-time end-to-end solution that prompts, measures, grows and predicts leader-team success in Microsoft Teams.

Develop Leaders

Leaders spend over 50% of their days in meetings. 

with qChange


High impact, low friction

Time is one of the biggest constraints leaders and teams face when it comes to development. In as little as five minutes a week, a leader can get nudged, supported and grow by bring their team along on their development journey.

In the flow of work​

75% of learning retention occurs through experience. qChange's Leader Experience solution maximizes real-time development by supporting leaders in and around meetings.  

qChange turns awareness into action. 

Real time​

It is time for a piece of technology to move traditional growth from a snapshot in time (e.g., annual review or 360 evaluation) to a real time ongoing movie.  A leader's journey is more complex than a November review, so let qChange help tell a better story. 

Make Development Happen.

Continuous Improvement – 7x impact over training alone​


In Microsoft Teams