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Know Thy Audience

qChange Virtual Meeting Analysis uses state of the art machine learning to make sense of virtual meeting......

Increase your Close rate

Understanding where you are building trust in a virtual meeting

Assess presentation effectiveness

Know what messages are working

Identify follow up opportunities

Know when you've gained agreement or need to clarify

Easy drag and drop

Provide your Zoom, Teams, WebEx or Meet recording and we do the rest

Keep improving

Identify your strengths and blind spots in a virtual meeting setting

How you'll improve...


Learn from  the situations that result in producing high and low team trust.


Agreement? Conflict? Confusion? Praise?

qChange's Virtual Meeting Analysis will show you where they occurred.


Find the areas of positive and negative sentiment. Hear what was really said.

Know how to improve.

Share of Voice

Identify the most and least frequent speakers in a click, and anything in between.


Are you ready?

If you want to leave a virtual meeting knowing what is working, and what the future opportunities are,  join the movement today and begin your journey with qChange video analysis

Understand relationship quality

88% of sales representatives find it challenging to develop virtual relationships. Understanding relationship dynamics helps you leverage strong high trust relationships. 

Understand meeting interactions

89% of sales representatives find it challenging to change a  buyer’s point of view.  Our machine learning allows you to select and play all the specific areas of interaction to impact persuasion


Understand sentiment of the meeting

87% of sales representatives find it challenging to connect and build rapport with buyers. Understanding the mood of a sales meetings provides insight in how your words impact relationships.

Understand share of voice

91% of sales representatives find  it difficult to keep a buyer engaged virtually. Understanding share of voice gives you a clear understanding of buyer engagement.  

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