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It is a numbers just keep playing

Growing, sprinting, and surviving as an entrepreneur is hard enough, but adding a global pandemic to the mix is downright cruel. It often feels like the qChange team is trying to create and solve a formula simultaneously. However, the formula keeps changing as soon as we solve for x. 

In writing the above statement, is a cathartic way to 'hear' myself say it out loud and acknowledge that this is hard and it should be. What is the old saying? "If it was easy, everyone would do it." 

When you take a step back, we consider ourselves lucky and full of gratitude that those who see and use the qChange Leader Experience solution know the value and have been a guiding hand in our growth. 

We have several amazing opportunities brewing, but like many things in life, until it happens, you just keep moving forward, and keep being a good human. 

Thank you, 

James Kelley, Ph.D.


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