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Last night, at the end of a long day, I was looking ahead at the rest of the week and I scratched this *formula* down.


While looking at my calendar it struck me that most of the time was going to be in meetings. Now we’re a startup, and meetings are a good thing, as we’re either internally working on enhancing our products and services, or we’re meeting with clients. But this look ahead at the rest of the week reminded me how important meetings are.

We recently met with an Executive at a large tech company, and she said she ran the numbers on the last few months of her calendar and averaged 14 meetings a day! She’s amazing, and can pull that off, but I certainly remember my corporate days when it felt like I couldn’t get anything done because all my time was dominated by meetings.

Let’s come back to the fancy formula. At qChange, we are using all kinds of analytics in our work, but it really boils down to +LX…+MX2…+EX3

By LX we mean the Leader Experience. We make leaders better, and we’re with the leader at all times. We’re always on leadership development, amplifying coaching and other leadership development efforts, improving leadership day after day.

When LX is positive (+LX), where leaders show up the most, meetings, become exponentially positive (MX2). At qChange, we’re focused on helping leaders create more Mindful Meetings, and our Meeting Experience (MX) products help leaders do that.

Finally, if the Meeting Experience is enhanced for everyone (MX2), this amplifies and creates an even more positive Employee Experience (EX3). Numerous studies have shown how critical engagement and a positive Employee Experience is to organizations. Whether you’re in the massive Fortune 500 organization, a startup like qChange, or somewhere in between, it boils down to that simple formula:


John Howes, PhD.

Chief Leader Experience Officer

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