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qChange and Ray Dalio's Dot Collector: A Comparison

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

We’ve been asked a few times about Ray Dalio’s Dot Collector and how our Leader Experience (LX) solution is similar and different. Let me start by saying it is extremely validating to be compared to something associated with Ray Dalio, as he’s legendary in investment and business circles.

There are some similarities. First, both LX and Dots focus on real-time feedback and meetings. Second, both are used for coaching and development of leaders. Third, both utilize proprietary AI to learn and improve the predictive analytics capability. Fourth, both have raters assess on a set grouping of areas or attributes. Fifth, both can help change organizational culture.

Many differences exist though. First, and the biggest, is that Dots has extreme transparency that would likely only fit in certain organizational cultures. Everyone knows how everyone is rating in the moment. Our LX solution provides more psychological safety to leaders and raters. Second, while qChange LX cycles occur around the meeting, and participants rate leaders immediately after the meeting is over, Dots has everyone rating everyone during the meeting, while the meeting is happening. Again, our research has found that this is too much for many cultures. Third, Dots provides way more ratings a day than LX. Typically, someone will receive eight per day, with senior leaders experiencing many more. With qChange, we’ll scan your calendar, the topic of the meeting, and the participants in the meeting, and provide the leader with a maximum of two nudge cycles per day, one in the morning. And one in the afternoon. Early feedback from our users indicates that this is the right amount and more could be overwhelming.

Again, it is great to see both products in the market. I’m 100% sure there’s enough need in organizations for better meetings, better leaders, and better culture, and it is just a matter of utilizing a solution that best fits your culture.

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