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qChange Stimulating Series on Insightful Innovations in People Practices (SIP2)

Hello everyone. Over the past many weeks, we’ve been focused on The Art of the Science of qChange Series. The idea of this new series is for you to grab a SIP of your favorite beverage and we’ll provide you, our friends, customers, partners, and investors, with a hopefully Stimulating Series on Insightful Innovations in People Practices (SIP2). Each week I’ll provide you with some of the best articles that I have recently read on a specific topic. You’re all extremely busy so the hope is that this will provide you with some quick reads, without the search, on timely topics. This week…

Onboarding in the New Normal of Remote and Hybrid.

Lately we've been asked about using qChange to help onboard leaders in the new (hybrid) world. Of course, we think this is a great use case to help build positive culture, and to provide leaders with a better understanding of how they are showing up in their new organizations. Here are some articles on the topic. There are always many more, but these particularly caught my eye. Kudos to the authors for their insights.

In this article Jamie Kohn of Gartner does outlines why onboarding is even more critical in the remote and hybrid organizations of today. The author points out that employees are experiencing a crisis of connection and gives some recommendations for onboarding differently to help with this.

Next, Gartner provides some good statistics on remote onboarding and recommends best practices. I particularly like their focus on using technology, like qChange and others, to improve onboarding.

In this one, our friends at Willis Towers Watson provide a comprehensive look at the state of virtual onboarding and provide suggestions that fit with our thinking on the importance of managers, technology, learning and development, and feedback in the process.

Finally, Google was just named at the top of the LinkedIn Top 100 US companies for 2021. This article describes Google’s approach to remote onboarding.

John Howes, Ph.D.

CXMO & Co-Founder

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