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qChange enhances the Leader Experience by creating a real-time end-to-end solution that prompts, measures, grows and predicts leader-team success in Microsoft Teams.

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  • How do I install qChange in Microsoft Teams?
    Step 1 - Add qChange to Chat Select "Add", then "Add to chat" You've just installed the qChange chatbot into Microsoft Teams! Step 2 - Create your Account & Profile · Now, follow the instructions in the qChange chat. · Completing all steps will take less than 10 minutes.
  • How do I create my Catalyst profile?
    After installing the qChange chatbot in Microsoft Teams, visit: follow the instructions in the qChange chat. First - Create an Account Provide your name, company eMail and password. Step 1 - Setup Your Profile Answer these 8 questions about your role and work environment, so that qLX can provide prompts and development best aligned to you and your role. Step 2 - Communication Preferences qChange uses neural linguistics to understand your communication style. Simply adjust the six sliders to help us learn your prefered communication style. Step 3 - Select Behavioral Focus Areas Select three focus areas to work on first. You may change these later if you wish. Step 4 - Connect your Microsoft Outlook Calendar We use your calendar to deliver nudges when they matter most...right before important meetings. This also helps us recommend the best team members to provide feedback. Don’t worry, we don’t share your data. Step 5 - Add Boosters Select team members to give you a boost. When you connected your calendar in step four, it did a quick scan to find the teammates you frequently meet with. They will be listed in the right channel, along with an email search box to find others that may not be listed. For the best experience, add a minimum of eight Influencers. 1. Select Your Boosters Select teammates from the channel (or search for them) and click "Add". 2. Categorize Your Boosters Let us know how you interact with each Booster: Manager Peer Team Other 3. Email Your Boosters To finish the invitation process, send an email to your Boosters. We've written some standard language for you, but you can edit it as you wish before clicking the "Send" button. Note: Boosters may only be internal to your company. Pro Tip - Don't overthink your answers. Your initial responses are best. Congratulations! You are now ready for qChange to help you improve as a Leader, one meeting at a time.
  • How do I find qChange in Microsoft Teams?
    Hint: It's in AppSource AppSource is Microsoft's application store for Office, including Teams. You can find qChange here: Alternatively, if you have Microsoft Teams installed, look in the left hand navigation bar for the 3 horizontal dot menu ("..."). Select it, then type "qChange" in the search box. If your company has enabled apps in Teams, qChange will be visible.
  • What's new with qChange?
    Major updates are listed below in the release notes. Version 2.4 March 2024 Additional reports Version 2.3 January 2024 Database improvements. Version 2.25 October 2023 Added reports for HR. Version 2.2 August 2023 New nudges. Version 2.15 June 2023 Bug fixes and security updates. Version 2.1 May 2023 UI improvements. Version 2.0 March 2023 Added meeting selection for catalysts. Version 1.8 January 2023 Improved nudge relevance algorithms. Version 1.75 December 2022 UI improvements and security updates. Version 1.6 October 2022 Additional nudges and feedback questions. Version 1.55 August 2022 Bug fixes. Version 1.5 January 2022 Doubled the amount of nudges and optimized the AI to make them more relevant.
  • Where can I get help?
    There are a three ways to get help with qChange: 1. qChange App Type your question into the chatbot. You'll receive an immediate response with buttons directing you to specific actions within qChange. 2. qChange Website Chat also has a chat function and knowledge base that can hopefully answer all your questions. 3. eMail We'd love to hear from you. eMail with your questions.
  • What's a nudge?
    Nudging is a concept in behavioral economics, political theory, and behavioral sciences which proposes positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions as ways to influence the behavior and decision making of groups or individuals. Call them nudges, prompts or mere suggestions, they can be reminders of what you want to change. The most effective nudges occur "at the point of choice." qChange believes you will get the most from a nudge the closer it is to you making a decision. For example, a nudge that reminds you to "Be clear and direct in your communications" right before a meeting can influence your behavior in the meeting. qChange bot tip: Register as a Leader to begin receiving nudges.
  • Can you text or email alert me instead?
    Try the mobile version of Microsoft® Teams qChange is currently only available through Microsoft Teams. However, Microsoft Teams has a mobile app that offers the similar conveniences of texting and emails. Our product roadmap includes future support for Slack and G-Suite applications qChange chatbot tip Type "Help" in the qChange chatbot to learn more about features.
  • What are Boosters?
    Add Boosters to help you grow faster! Boosters are individuals that you choose to provide both quantitative and qualitative (written) feedback. They can be anyone in your organization; a direct report, a peer, your manager, or even your boss' boss. For the best experience, choose Boosters that regularly attend the same meetings as you. This provides more opportunities for them to provide you with high-quality, constructive feedback. qChange chatbot tip: Type "Booster" in the bot for quick access to the Connections page in the qChange app.
  • What's the minimum number of Boosters I should invite?
    In our view, more is better. We recommend having a minimum of fifteen (15) Boosters for the best experience. The more Boosters you have, the more likely those individuals are attending meetings with you. It's this connection that determines when you will receive nudges, ratings and feedback. Remember, to increase your opportunities for receiving feedback, choose Boosters that are frequently attending meetings with you. qChange chatbot tip Type "Booster" in the qChange chatbot for quick access to the qChange Connections page.

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