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Guided Practice

Traditional soft skill training provides the playbook for what to do, but lacks real-time guided practice that makes the learner more accountable and delivers skill growth and proficiency.

It's the difference between knowing what to do, and being able to do it.


qChange delivers just-in-time behavioral nudges before targeted meetings that reflect what soft skill behaviors the Catalyst is practicing.  


A Catalyst: An employee who uses qChange to grow, measure and ignite their upskilling journey


Catalyst report that 93% of nudges delivered are meaningful and actionable.

Discuss the value to the team in building an inclusive environment.

Average Catalyst receives 7 real-time development opportunities a day

From the qChange Team. (15).png


After a nudge is delivered a Catalyst practices the specific soft skill in the meeting. Once the meeting is over, qChange creates a continuous feedback loop by asking both the Catalyst and the Boosters (those supporting the Catalyst), if the soft skill was practiced in the meeting. Creating a real-time feedback loop on a Catalyst's soft skill behavior.

Boosters: A curated list of individuals a Catalyst chooses to provide micro-growth moments in the flow of work.


qChange delivers Learning Sparks immediately after a Catalyst reflects on their soft skill behaviors post-meeting. Giving them real-time learning on what is most important to them.

Tip: Embracing diverse thinking is essential in generating ideas and getting useful feedback.

Great Reflection! Here is a spark of inspiration

70% of learning retention and soft skill growth occurs through real-time experiences. 

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Average Catalyst changes behavior focus every 8 weeks.


First and mid-level employees lack the same development opportunities as high potentials. qChange fills that gap by helping all employees gain access to their own soft skill development journey. 


At qChange, we believe that taking charge of your soft skill journey begins with real-time objective data that helps your employees understand how they show up across all moments in a work day.

80% of all Catalyst objectively measured soft skill growth using qChange

The next generation in leadership skill

qChange is as easy as...

Context and simplicity are everything when it comes to upskilling the future of your workforce. Millennials and Gen Z are the first cohorts that are digital natives. They need a development solution that meets the moment.

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