qChange leader experience is a real-time solution that creates mindfulmeetings.

Increasing a leader's impact in meetings

...so leadership is better


Mindful Meetings

Build Inclusion

Don't simply track DEI class attendance. Know how leaders and managers are demonstrating inclusive behaviors in their teams, in real time.  

Develop Leaders

Deliver measurable performance improvements in managers and leaders in real time and in the flow of work. qChange is "high impact with low friction."  

Enhance EX

Create an employee experience that increases engagement. qChange automatically delivers nudges and feedback opportunities that bring manager action plans to life. 

Optimize Coaching

Create more accountability and impact in between coaching conversations. Use the qChange Leader Dashboard for an up to date view of progress. 

qChange leader experience is a real-time solution that creates mindful meetings.


Things Happen.

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Al Adamsen 

Founder of PAFOW

From a new set of eyes, I would say, number one, creativity 10+, execution 10+...making annual reviews in real-time is a massive leap.

Brad Gerbert

Managing Director, ParagonLabs, powered by SHRM

This tool could assist the Human Resources profession in creating better workplaces by improving people management skills, specifically related to leadership development...


Executive at a nonprofit

The real time nudges help center me before a meeting ensuring that the best me shows up.

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