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The Art of the Science Behind qChange SeriesWrap-up

The Art of the Science Behind qChange series has been running for the last few months. Multiple weeks of the series focused on the importance of gratitude in the workplace, and I want to start this week by saying THANK YOU to everyone that has read one, two, or all of the articles in the series. Extra thank you to all the likes and comments.

At qChange we’re backed by Science. We spent (and still spend) a lot of time and discussion on how to bring Science from multiple disciplines together and apply it in an Artful way. In doing so we hope to continue to make qChange as relevant and impactful as possible. Back in my Nike days, there was the classic tagline and poster (I used to have one) that said There is No Finish Line. That’s our mentality, continue to listen to customers, the latest research, and thought leaders to make the Leader Experience (LX) the best it can be.

With all that said, with this post I’m going to pause (just pause, as again, there’s no finish line) the Art/Science series for now. As a reminder, we focused on Nudge Theory, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Self Determination Theory, Self-Awareness, Gratitude, and Action-based Leadership Development. All can be found here: As always, I appreciate your comments and questions.

So, what’s next? You are all extremely busy people. There’s so much content out there…and so little time. With that in mind, the plan going forward is to provide you, week-to-week, with a few articles and research studies that grabbed my attention, and I learned from them. I hope they benefit you as well. Stay tuned for that next week.

Have a good rest of your week and weekend.

John C. Howes, Ph.D.

Chief Experience Management Officer (CXMO) & Co-Founder

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