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qChange Stimulating Series on Insightful Innovations in People Practices (SIP2)

Hello everyone and thanks for reading SIP2! The idea of the SIP2 series is for you to grab a SIP of your favorite beverage and we’ll provide you, our friends, customers, partners, and investors, with a Stimulating Series on Insightful Innovations in People Practices (SIP2). Each week we’ll provide you with some of the best articles that we have recently read on a specific topic. You’re all extremely busy so the hope is that this will provide you with some quick reads, without the search, on timely topics. Last week our focus was on Onboarding in the New Normal of Remote and Hybrid. This week…

Hybrid Work Models and Leadership

in a Hybrid Environment

Our qChange Leader Experience (LX) solution makes business better by making leaders better in meetings. We designed the system to be flexible and work with in-person, hybrid, or fully remote meetings. Having said that though, there are certain skills that are critical when leading in hybrid or remote environments. Multiple dimensions and areas in our LEAD model within LX provide leaders with nudges, feedback, and insight into how to lead in remote and hybrid environments.

Below we provide a couple articles focused on leadership in hybrid and remote environments. But first, we’ll lead off with a couple broader articles focused on readiness for hybrid work.

Perhaps the best article I’ve read about the state of hybrid is Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index. There is so much great data and insight here. Well worth your time.

Next, we’ll highlight a Boston Consulting Group article on post-pandemic (not that I think we’re through the pandemic) work models. It also contains a number of spot on tips for leaders.

Last but not least are two quick reads with leadership tips in a hybrid world. One from Inc. highlighting concepts we believe in, trust and recognition, and the other from my friend Greg Barnett when he was at The Predictive Index. He concludes the article by noting the real key is for leaders to focus on maintaining awareness. We whole heartedly agree as qChange is all about helping leaders be aware of how they are showing up.

Until next time, be safe and be productive.

John Howes

CXMO & Co-Founder


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